Buying a Used Semitruck with a Sleeper Cab? Things You Should Do Before Sleeping in It

Saving money while hauling loads over long roads is a big thing for truckers. If you are finally ready to buy a semitruck with a sleeper cab to save on motel costs, buying a used sleeper cab truck is the best way to go. It means that you can pretty much sleep just about anywhere there is a place to pull off the road with your truck for a few hours to catch some shut-eye. If you do buy a used sleeper cab truck, there are a few things you should do first before you sleep in it. 

Replace the Mattress

It is not much of a mattress, but it is better than sleeping upright in the driver's seat of your truck all night. Still, in a used truck, you probably will want to replace that anyway. It contains the body oils and smells of the previous owner. The truck dealerships will clean the mattresses rather well, but even the best detailing does not always get everything out. Besides, if you replace the mattress, you can get an even better one that will feel really good on your back.

Install an Overhead Rack

Put an overhead rack above the bed in your truck. Make sure the rack is like the kind they install in trains for long-distance travel. These racks prevent anything from falling down on you while you sleep, and they provide a place for you to store your hat, your glasses or sunglasses, your personal toiletries (if you keep such items on the truck with you), changes of clothes, blankets, and an alarm clock.

Install a Privacy Curtain

It helps to maintain dressing and undressing privacy in the cab of your truck when you do not want other truckers rolling by and staring through your cab's windows. As a male trucker, you might not mind, but many of the female truckers would prefer to change behind a privacy curtain. If you take a girlfriend or wife with you on some of your longer trucking trips, then you should definitely have a privacy curtain just in case. 

Air It Out or Use Air Freshener

Just like houses tend to collect smells from the people that live in them a really long time, used semitruck sleeper cabs do the same. When you buy the truck, you may not smell anything initially because of the detailing job the dealership did. However, old smells may arise anew after a month or more. Air the truck out regularly and/or use air freshener in the sleeper part of the truck. 

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