Protecting Your Car's Paint With A Clear Bra

Keep care of your vehicle will require tending to a number of mechanical needs. However, it is also important to make sure that the appearance of the vehicle is also being maintained as this will play a major factor in the vehicle's resale value. More specifically, protecting the vehicle's paint will be an important step that can go overlooked.  

What Types Of Problems Can Follow Damage To Your Car's Paint?

In addition to directly harming the resale value of the vehicle, failing to properly maintain the exterior paint can also lead to some significant complications. One of these can be the formation of rust that can weaken the vehicle's exterior while also spreading to cover a large area. Often, these damages will start as almost imperceivable damage to the exterior paint, such as small scratches. Due to the fact that you are unlikely to notice these small damages until they start to worsen, it is generally more effective to take proactive steps to protect the paint. One of the most effective solutions for this will be to apply a clear bra to the exterior of the vehicle.

How Does A Vehicle Clear Bra Differ From Other Types Of Paint Protection Options?

There are many vehicle paint protectants that will essentially be a clear liquid that is applied to the surface of the exterior paint. When this liquid dries, it will be able to protect the paint from a variety of problems. However, a clear bra will be far more durable due to the fact that it is actually a thin sheet of composite materials that are extremely durable while also being clear. This will allow the cover to protect the paint without altering its appearance.

When Should A Clear Bra Be Replaced?

The process of applying a clear bra to a vehicle will take several hours to complete, and while this can be a minor inconvenience, car owners will not have to endure this process on a regular basis. Typically, the lifespan for one of these coverings will be at least five years, but many will last for several years longer. This assumes that the vehicle avoids exterior body damage during this time. However, if the vehicle's exterior becomes dented, you should have the clear bra inspected for damage. The force of these impacts can lead to the bra becoming dented or ruptured, which will destroy the protection that it offers. As a result, you may need to have the damaged sections of the bra replaced.  

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