Tips For Protecting The Paint Job On Your New Car

If you just bought your first brand new car, then it's only natural you want to know how to protect its paint job. And, the good news is that with just a bit of special care you can keep your vehicle's paint job looking new for many years.

To protect your car's paint from damage, follow each of these tips:

Protect Your Car's Clear Coat Layer So It Can Protect the Paint

After the colored paint is applied to a car it is then painted with a clear coat layer. The purpose of this clear coating is to protect the underlying paint.

If the clear coat layer on your car gets scratched, then the paint job will start to look aged and dull. In addition, damaged clear coat lets water get onto the colored paint and eventually this can lead to paint loss and rust issues.

Since the clear coat layer is the protectant, it's vital you protect it at all cost. This means you need to remove bird waste and dead bugs regularly so they don't damage the clear coat. You also should avoid washing your car with a rag because the dirt present on the surface will grate against the clear coat and scratch it.

To safely clean your car, you need to spray it off with a hose before you reach for a soft sponge to clean off any residual grease on the surface of the paint. By hosing it off, you prevent scratching the paint with any dust or dirt present.

Waxing Your Car Protects Its Clear Coat 

In addition to removing dust, dirt, bird droppings, and dead bugs, you can also protect your new car's clear coat by keeping a layer of high-quality car wax on it. 

When you buy car wax, go for the solid wax that requires a bit of elbow grease to apply it. Using an "easy-to-use" thinner wax just won't give you the same quality wax job and it will need to be applied a lot more frequently.

Have Your Car Professionally Washed, Waxed, and Detailed

Unless you enjoy washing, waxing, and detailing your new car, you should have it professionally done at the best car wash in your local area.

Professional car washing gives your car a high-quality wash without any damaging soaps or brushes. It allows a spray wax to be applied evenly over your entire vehicle's exterior surface. And, professional car wash employees know all of the tips and tricks to ensure your car is well detailed.

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