3 Ways To Take Care Of Your Wheelchair Van

A wheelchair van allows you to transport someone who needs a wheelchair. Like any other vehicle, your wheelchair van is going to need maintenance and care in order to stay in good shape.

Keep the Inside of Your Vehicle

First, you are need to keep the inside of your vehicle clean. You should vacuum out your van each week. When your van gets dirty inside, that dirt can get into the mechanisms that allow you to load up the wheelchair and lock it into place when you are driving. Keeping the inside clean helps ensure all the additional mechanisms inside of the van keep working.

Have a Regular Maintenance Schedule

Next, you need to have a regular maintenance schedule. You need to take your vehicle in to get the oil changed at the correct mileage intervals. You need to check all the other fluid in your vehicle when you get the oil changed. You are also going to want to get the tire pressure checked in your tires on a regular basis, and get your tires rotated on time. Having a regular maintenance schedule will help keep your vehicle in good working condition. You should also get a more thorough inspection on a regular basis.

Know How the Backup Systems Work

When it comes to wheelchair vans, there are some special systems that you need to know how to operate. The wheelchair operations usually have a back-up system. You need to make sure that you know how to operate the back-up system. If you are not sure how to use the back-up system, then the manufacturer of the van should be able to teach you how to operate it.

You want to make sure both the regular and back-up mobility system work effectively. You want to have someone inspect these systems at least once a year to make sure that they work correctly. You should also be sure to use and operate both the regular and back-up mobility system so that you can ensure everything remains in working condition.

When you own a mobility van, you need to stay on top of taking care of the mechanical side of the van as well as the special components of the van. You also need to make sure you keep the van clean, so you don't damage all the complicated parts working inside of the van. Work with a car maintenance service that has the ability to help take care of all elements of your van.

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